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Working with Jemal and Simone with Mr. J's Media and Productions was amazing! Launching a new company in the area and having them spotlight our service made a huge impact on our business. From start to finish, they were time dedicated to make a perfection. The turn around time for the audio and completion was excellent. I would recommend anyone that is interested in making anytime of media productions to check out Mr. J's. There is so much more in detail what Jemal and Simone can provide to highlight their business and what they can do for not only individuals but with business as well.
Thank you guys, again!!

Jason K.

"Mr. J knows his video. I brought him several VHS tapes for remastering onto DVD. Some of them were so old that the signal had corrupted. Mr. J repaired the signal corruption where possible and cut out the parts where the signal level was so low as to be non-existent, making for a smoother video production. My client was pleased with the results."

Donna W.

This team IS. THE. MOST!!!!! I first used Mr. J's Media Productions for my family reunion last year. His team provided a videographed history of our reunion, candid shots throughout the weekend, photo booth at our formal banquet, and DJ services during our banquet & particularly for the after party! My family was utterly impressed with the quality of the reunion and it was largely due to the professionalism, friendly, and quality service extended to all by Mr. J's Media Productions. From that experience, I find that I use Mr. J's for ALL of my media, photography & DJ needs. Just recently my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority/Omega Omicron Zeta chapter, used Mr. J's to create our chapter's photos. Jemal & Simmone were delightful - such an awesome team! Jemal has the eye for the shot while Simmone has the eye for the details - together they create AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL photographs!! Our chapter felt special just going through the process of being photographed by this dynamic duo.

Not only is the quality of their work stellar and their demeanor pleasant but they are also Ultra PROFESSIONAL. This characteristic is ESPECIALLY important to me. All business is handled above board, invoices & receipts provided, upfront pricing provided, appointments are set and held in a timely manner, turn around for the finished product is quick! What sets Mr. J's Media Production apart from other photographers out there for me - is that this is Jemal's business that he LOVES - it is not a side hustle or hobby.


I truly appreciate Jemal & Simmone for the work that they do!

Robert G.

"Thanx Jemal, you and your crew was very professional. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future. I already have people wanting to use your service including a person that has a wedding in January. Blessing my brother."

Chelsea T.

"OMG!!! I'm so happy with this and I am bawling right now..I am so pleased with everything..I cant wait to see the whole thing..Thank You Thank You!!!! Love Mrs. Chelsa T."

Julie F.

"We did a DVD Promo Tape with Jemal for 'MEMACIN' and it turned out great! It was cost effective and very professional.

Thalia S.

Thank you so much for tonight, you did an awesome job dj. I will be calling you again. I hope you enjoyed the fun.​​​

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