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We are a local family owned and
operated Small Business in Vero Beach, Florida.


"It's the Experience that Counts"


We are proficient in all aspects of investigative work. Our professional Videographers have more than 18years' experience in all aspects of videography and editing.


Video Depositions    Litigation Support CME/CMI

 Deposition Edits & Syncing

Day in the Life Videos    Legal Video & Photo Documentation


We use the latest premier equipment and software

Sony HD Video Cameras up to 4K resolution

Live backup recording on Sony DVD recorder

Wired quality lapel microphones & table top mic

We archive all original customer files

Product delivered on DVD

Video to transcript synchronization available

Rush Service available with electronic delivery

Time stamping service available

Audio feed provided to court stenographer

Over 75 years of combined experience in all phases of legal videography, photography and investigations with special backgrounds in video depositions, CME/CMI, infidelity-divorce-custody surveillance, investigative journalism, GPS tracking and insurance fraud.


A jury is more likely to engage with video than transcript alone."

Video Conversion

The evolution of video formats over the past forty years is a great example of how the change from the 1970s analog on videotape (think Sony Betamax and VHS) to digital files on a server is improving our lives.

Legal Video Services is a recognized expert in converting any videotapes, or less-than-optimal digital video files, into a format that can be easily searched or presented during a deposition, conference, mediation or trial.

Deposition Transcript to Video Syncing

A synced video deposition with the court reporter’s transcript is the most significant technological development in the practice of law in the past 25 years. Using discovery management/trial presentation software, you can search across all depositions for particular words of phrases, and print the results. This software has a number of features that can make your life easier. If you can highlight a transcript, you can make clips, to share and present in mediation or trial. In minutes, objections can be edited out and presented to the jury in a seamless presentation saving time and money.

Whatever your needs may be, call us now (772)245-0882 


Thank you for your visit.

Serving Vero Beach,Palm Bay,Melbourne,St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Okeechobee, Broward
and Dade Counties, Florida

 Legal Video

Highlights and Blurring

In some cases it becomes necessary to highlight a subject in a video to focus the viewers attention. In other cases you may need to blur out areas or faces in the video that are not relevant. We have processed hundreds of hours of video to either make things standout or blur out distracting or objectionable images.  








Deposition Editing

With the transcript and your page and line designations, Legal Video Services can create a seamless trial-ready video deposition. Save time and money by having your video recorded witness ready to go at any time just by pressing play. Check out our trial services.

Video Annotations and Graphics

Enhance the power of your video presentation by adding annotations and graphics. Research results indicate that jurors pay more attention, and remember more, when attorneys use multi-media presentation throughout the trial.



Formats Offered
720p HD
1080p HD

Barry & Jemal Team work Click here


  • HD/SD /35mm/16mm Formats

  • Casting

  • Location Scouting

  • Crewing

  • Permitting

  • Special EFX

  • Aerial Photography



  • SD/HD Editorial

  • 2D/3D GFX & Design

  • Sound Design

  • Voice-Over

  • Original Music

  • Video Compression/Conversion



  • Media Planning

  • TV/Cable Media Buys

  • DRTV Media Strategy

  • DRTV Call Center Services

  • DVD/CD-ROM Authoring

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